Bubble Translate 3

The all-new

Completely new version: new design, redesigned interface, new features. All this makes the translation easy and convenient.

Quick entry

Get instant translation. Just start typing the word and the result will appear instantly. As you continue typing, the translation results will be updated at the same speed.

One Click Translation

Get the translation of a word, sentence or whole text in one click. Call the translator using hotkeys, via the context menu or using integration with PopClip

Convenient language selection

Switch between languages instantly. The application will memorize the 5 most frequently used languages for quick access.


You do not know how to read the word? Use speech synthesizer. Find out how to pronounce the word, sentence or the whole text.

Dark theme

Dark or light. Decide for yourself in which work.
Change their mood or the time of day. The speed of translation will remain unchanged.


The app does not just translate words. It helps them learn. When translating a single word, Bubble Translate will remember it and display it in a pop-up window with answer choices. Learn languages effortlessly, choosing the right answers.

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